The Science of Technology Project Portfolio Management - A Simple Portfolio Management Framework

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Project Portfolio Management is a process that should support your organization to react to change in a speed that is necessary for your organization to thrive. It helps you doing the right projects and doing projects right.

Project Portfolio Management does not involve making project-by-project choices based on fixed acceptance criteria. Instead, decisions to add or subtract projects from the portfolio are based on the four goals of Project Portfolio Management:

1) Maximize the value of the portfolio
2) Seek the right balance of projects, thus achieving a balanced portfolio
3) Create a strong link to strategy, thus the need to build strategy into the portfolio
4) Doing the right number of projects

The Simple Portfolio Management Framework described in this eBook is a framework within which people can address complex portfolio management problems while productively and creatively delivering projects of the highest possible value. The framework works well with any project delivery method. From Scrum to Waterfall, and anything in between.

The framework is an adaption of the Scrum framework and shares many of the principles it was built upon. The framework is centered around Portfolio Teams and their associated roles, events, artifacts, and rules. Each component within the framework serves a specific purpose.

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