Project Failure Case Studies

Project Failure Case Studies
I spend a lot of time relaying lessons I learned about managing technology projects, through the writing of my articles, through giving talks, and through my consulting work.

I do that because I learned so many valuable lessons over the years that I want to help others learn those same principles without them having to go through making the mistakes I made in order to learn them.

The same principle I apply by researching technology project failures and then write case studies about them because it is a great way of learning from others' mistakes.

This page is an ever-growing collection of case studies I have written.

> Case Study: How a screwed-up SAP implementation almost brought down National Grid
The SAP project that was three years in running and marred by delays and budget overruns was scheduled to go live on November 5. Failure to go live meant a delay of another five months, likely another $50 million in additional spending, and a trip back to the Utilities Rate Commission to request approval to pay for the overruns. National Grid had to know they had a bumpy ride coming when they made the decision to go live. What they clearly didn’t understand was just how bumpy the ride would be.

> Case Study: The epic meltdown of TSB Bank
With clients locked out of their bank accounts, mortgage accounts vanishing, small businesses reporting that they could not pay their staff and reports of debit cards ceasing to work, the TSB Bank computer crisis of April 2018 has been one of the worst in recent memory.

> Case Study: The £10 billion IT disaster at the NHS
The National Program for IT (NPfIT) in the National Health Service (NHS) was the largest public-sector IT program ever attempted in the UK, originally budgeted to cost approximately £6 billion over the lifetime of the major contracts.