Reviewing Projects

You want do to know where you are standing with that large, multi-year, strategic project?

You think one of your key projects is in trouble?

Or you know that one of your key projects is in trouble?

Then a project review is what you are looking for.  

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The Project Review Model ™

So what are you actually looking at? This question I get asked a lot when I talk with prospects and new clients. And it is not so easy to explain. Reviews of large projects are a combination of art, science, and craft. But what really helped my clients to understand what was going to happen was the Project Review Model ™.

Just like the Project Success Model ™, the Project Review Model ™ is a conceptual model. Where a mental model captures ideas in a problem domain, a conceptual model represents 'concepts' and relationships between them.

The aim of a conceptual model is to express the meaning of terms and concepts used by domain experts to discuss the problem and to find the correct relationships between different concepts.

The Project Review Model ™ has twelve review areas that are all related to each other. Together these areas represent a project. You will find a more detailed description of the areas below. For now, the diagram is sufficient.

The Project Review Model

A serious project review means that you will look at each and every one of these areas and list Risks, Assumptions, Issues, and Decisions (RAID).

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