Recovering Projects

You want do to know where you are standing with that large, multi-year, strategic project?

You think one of your key projects is in trouble?

Or you know that one of your key projects is in trouble?

Then a project review is what you are looking for.  

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8 Benefits of Working With an External Project Recovery Manager


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The Project Recovery Model ™

The Project Recovery Model ™ contains eight concepts (or steps). Each one has a relationship with the others.

1) Outcome
2) Recognition
3) Mandate
4) React
5) Review
6) Tradeoff & Negotiation
7) Intervention
8) Transition

The diagram below offers a visual representation of the model.
The Project Recovery Model
You cannot put “gates” into this series of steps. Their relationships are fluent. One step will most likely not be completed before you will have to start the next one.

You will find a detailed explanation of all steps of the Project Recovery Model ™ here.

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