Henrico Dolfing

Henrico Dolfing
Hi, my name is Henrico Dolfing, and I help companies with doing the right projects and doing projects right. I increase the value of technology projects by helping people capture opportunities and ensure that every action is truly focused on business goals.

I do project reviews, recoveries and consulting for over a decade, and work in the trenches of software development for over 15 years.

Projects fail for a variety of reasons. Especially technology projects have a low success rate. Typically more than half of them are considered a failure. If your current project is off track, chances are I can bring the necessary knowledge and experience to get the job done.

Troubled projects are never pretty. Often there isn’t time for guessing, just acting. I have helped companies to save projects from the brink of failure. By combining my deep technical knowledge with a proven process, I quickly address major problems and bottlenecks, putting the project back on track.

I provide the leadership necessary to solve complicated problems. I am not afraid to deliver bad news; I am not afraid of putting my reputation behind the decisions I make; and most of all, I am responsive and sensitive to the intricacies of troubled projects.

I have a strong technical background as a software developer and solution architect, including an M.Sc. degree in Computer Science and B.Ec in Economics. Having done real-life coding and having hands-on experience with Test Automation and Continuous Integration enables me to understand and work very closely with technical teams.

My diverse international experience helps in working with people from all over the globe. Born in the Netherlands, I have lived in Germany, USA, and Switzerland. I have worked for longer and shorter projects all through Europe, Channel Islands, Caribbean, and North America.

My spare time I spend in the Swiss mountains enjoying alpine marathons, climbing, downhill mountain biking, river rafting or leisurely hikes with my wife and toddler son.

For more about me see my LinkedIn profile.