Project Complexity Reduction - (Non)-Executive Workshop

"Complexity is the enemy of execution" is a quote from Tony Robbins, the famous coach, and he is absolutely right.
One of the main reasons technology and other transformation projects fail so often is their (underestimated) complexity.

Managing and reducing complexity in projects should be an urgent concern for any organization.

But before you can manage and reduce complexity you should be able to understand and recognize it. 

In this half day workshop I will guide you and your executive team through the process of understanding and reducing the complexity of your key technology project through the use of my scientifically proven Project Complexity Assessment

Typical Clients

Clients that have bought this workshop are:

> C-level executives, partners at a professional service firm, and board members that want to make sure their critical business project is off to a good start.
> C-level executives, partners at a professional service firm, and business unit leaders in the role of Project Sponsor.
> C-level executives, partners at a professional service firm, and business unit leaders in the role of Steering Committee Member.

Typical Projects

Projects that benefit a lot from this workshop are:
> ERP, i.e. introduction or upgrade of SAP/Oracle/etc
> HC, i.e. introduction of Workday/SAP HCM
> CRM, i.e. introduction of Salesforce/MS Dynamics
> Modern Workplace, i.e. introduction of M365/G Suite
> Replacement of core banking / core insurance systems
> Custom software development, i.e. a new product or service
> Post merger integrations
> Divestitures

The investment volumes are typically > 5 mUSD.


Participate in this workshop should:

> Your Project Sponsor
> Your Steering Committee members
> Your Project Manager
> Your relevant Key Stakeholders (optional)


Each participant in the workshop should:

> Do the online Project Complexity Assessment before the workshop. 
> Prepare the workshop by defining the biggest risks and challenges you see for the project.  
> Actively participate during the ½ day workshop. 

I will bring my extensive experience and knowledge around technology projects.


The output we will create during the workshop:

> A common view on the complexities of the project.
> Measures to reduce this complexity.
> Ideas to manage the remaining complexity.

Client Outcome

I have done many of these workshops as part of my client engagements as well as with startups I have invested in.

Clients have seen the following results:

> Common understanding of the project complexity
> Reduced project complexity
> Some realized that they should invest more money and time in a project
> Some realized that they should not do a planned project
> Some realized that they should stop an existing project
> Some realized that they should re-scope an existing project

All of them got a very valuable tool (and the understanding of how to use it) for other projects.

Your Facilitator

Why would you as a C-level executive, partner, or board member in the financial or professional service industry work with me?

> I have been a C-level executive myself at one of the Big 4 with responsibility for an annual budget of 30 mUSD and 80 FTE. Currently I am a non-executive board member at three companies. So I understand your role and responsibilities from experience.

> I have more than 20 years of experience in the financial and professional service industry.

> I have worked with your peers at companies like PwC, KPMG, Zurich Insurance, Bank Julius Bär, Helsana, Swiss Life, and Swisscard.

> I have been project sponsor, project manager, or steering committee member on dozens of large and complex technology transformation programs with budget responsibility up to 20 mUSD and more than 100 people working on a single project.

> I have delivered more than 250 mUSD in business value in these roles.

> I have significant international experience. Born in the Netherlands, I have lived in Germany, the USA, and Switzerland. I have done projects in more than 15 different countries, and traveled to 30 more.


Delivery will start with a one hour discovery call. Here I will learn about your company and your project so I can optimally prepare for the workshop.

In this call we will also set the date for the workshop. A Project Complexity Reduction workshop can usually be organized within 2-3 weeks, depending on the time of year.

For the workshop I will come to your office. Ideally you and the rest of the team are there as well. We can also agree on an offsite location.

We will need a block of 4 hours for the workshop. For example 8:00 - 12:00 or 13:00 - 17:00.

If you want to save on the travel costs I can deliver this workshop online as well, but you will miss out on the team building effect this workshop can have. Especially if you combine it with lunch or dinner with all participants.


CHF/USD/EUR 2900,- excluding VAT and business class travel costs. 

Within Switzerland I charge a fixed price of CHF 500,- for travel expenses, for all other countries I charge at cost.
Note: some clients combine this workshop with the Project Success Definition workshop and make a full day experience out of it. You will get a 30% discount on both workshops if you do so.


Thank you for considering booking me for this workshop. If you have made up your mind you can book your workshop directly here

If you still have questions, just contact me. I will get back to you right away.