(Non)-Executive Crash Course - Technology Trends Shaping Our Future

Understanding the current technological landscape and its associated opportunities, challenges, and risks is now essential for both executive and non-executive board members. 

Equally important is staying informed about governance issues related to these technologies, including regulatory challenges and potential pitfalls. 

There is now way around it anymore, in order to set the company's vision and strategy, the board must understand how technology impacts the business and its future value creation.

This executive crash course will teach you about the most relevant technologies shaping our future in a way non-technical people can understand. After this training you are able to apply your newly won knowledge to your business. 


In this half day training I will teach you about;

> Artificial Intelligence
> Virtual Reality
> Augmented Reality
> Robotics
> Internet of Things
> Edge Computing
> Cyber Security
> Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies

We will discuss the opportunities, challenges, and risks of these technologies. I will present examples of companies that had success and failures with implementing them.

This training will be highly interactive. Ask any questions you have at the moment they occur. Only this way we will create the necessary understanding.

Typical Clients

Clients that have participate in this training are:

> C-level executives, partners at a professional service firm, and board members in the role of setting vision and strategy for a company.

> Startup investors that want to be able to make better investment decisions and improve their technical due diligence capabilities. 

Client Outcomes

Our first session on crypto currency with two ‘guru’s’ of the scene had been a complete flop. So, the challenge that Henrico was facing was big: how to help experienced people from the old economy understand the mechanism and the economical meaning of the blockchain and cryptocurrencies. The result was a complete success, so much that we repeated the session with another group and it was a success again! The pedagogical ability of Henrico is amazing! He finds very simple ways to describe complex concepts. We are very enthusiastic and look forward to a session with him on AI! - General Manager of Business Angels Switzerland 
We as the company swisspartners, had the pleasure to experience Henrico as a presenter of the six technology mega trends. His knowledge and ability to make these trends understandable to laypeople are extraordinary. The whole company has extremely benefited from Henrico's presentation. Even after his visit he provided additional information regarding the mentioned topics. If you are looking for someone who is able to explain very technical topics understandable, especially to "amateurs", Henrico is the man. - Portfolio Manager @ swisspartners
Henrico can simplify any AI/blockchain/IT topic, summarize it and extract the essence for investors to make proper technical due diligence. Well done! - Managing Director @ Reinhart Capital 


I will come to your office or any other location of your choice. Minimum number of participants is 2. 

Within Switzerland I charge a fixed price of CHF 500,- for travel expenses, for all other countries I charge at cost.

Your Trainer

Why would you as a C-level executive, partner of a professional service firm, or board member work with me?

> I have been a C-level executive myself at one of the Big 4 with responsibility for an annual budget of 30 mUSD and 80 FTE. Currently I am a non-executive board member at three companies. So I understand your role and responsibilities from experience.

> I have more than 20 years of experience in the financial and professional service industry.

> I have worked with your peers at companies like PwC, KPMG, Zurich Insurance, Bank Julius Bär, Helsana, Swiss Life, and Swisscard.

> I have been project sponsor, project manager, or steering committee member on dozens of large and complex technology transformation programs with budget responsibility up to 20 mUSD and more than 100 people working on a single project.

> I have delivered more than 250 mUSD in business value in these roles.

> I am an active angel investor investing in technology companies and have done multiple technology trainings for Business Angels Switzerland and professional investment firms to help investors make better decisions when it comes to technology startups.


CHF/USD/EUR 3900,- for the whole board, excluding VAT and business class travel costs.

You will receive an invoice shortly after your booking. 

Note: some clients combine this training with my Technology Vision Definition - (Non)-Executive Workshop and make a full day experience out of it. You will get a 30% discount on both the training and the workshop if you do so.


Thank you for considering booking me for this training. If you have made up your mind you can book your training directly here

If you still have questions, just contact me. I will get back to you right away.