Thursday, March 28, 2019

Technology Trends in Wealth Management @ swisspartners

Technology Trends in Wealth Management @ swisspartners
Yesterday I gave a 1.5-hour interactive talk about Technology Trends in Wealth Management at swisspartners.

The three main goals of my talk were:

1) Give a quick overview of the current technology megatrends

2) Explain the basics of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and discuss applications and use cases in this space.

3) Explain the basics of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency and discuss applications and use cases in this space.

You will find my slides here at SlideShare.

The swisspartners group is dedicated to providing comprehensive individual financial wealth planning and wealth management services.

Three partners joined forces to found swisspartners in 1993. Today, it is one of the largest financial service providers in Switzerland and growing internationally. The group’s approximately 120 employees serve discerning private clients from around the world from offices in Zurich, Geneva, Vaduz and Feldkirch.

When you think such a talk could be of interest to your organization as well, have a look at my speaking page or just contact me.

We as the company swisspartners, had the pleasure to experience Henrico as a presenter of the six technology mega trends. His knowledge and ability to make these trends understandable to laypeople are extraordinary. The whole company has extremely benefited from Henrico's presentation. Even after his visit he provided additional information regarding the mentioned topics. If you are looking for someone who is able to explain very technical topics understandable, especially to "amateurs", Henrico is the man. - Portfolio Manager @ swisspartners
Posted on Thursday, March 28, 2019 by Henrico Dolfing