Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Antifragile @ Global Scrum Gathering Munich 2016

Antifragile @ Global Scrum Gathering Munich 2016
October 17 till 19 I will be at the Global Scrum Gathering in Munich. The theme of this gathering is Business Agility: How to Thrive in a Constantly Changing Environment

Questions that will be addressed are:

- How can executives of large- and mid-sized organizations set up their businesses to adapt and react faster to technological changes and challenges?
- How can they not only enable their teams to build things the right way but, even more importantly, ensure that they build the right things?
- What kind of structures are needed to involve and enable “smart creatives” to develop innovative and valuable products?
- To what extent do classic organizational structures support or contradict business agility?

The idea is to explore the different perspectives on what’s needed by whom.
- What are the needs of the executives?
- What are the needs of middle management?
- What are the needs of those who build the products in the end?
- Where are the gaps and how to bridge them?

The gathering is divided into four different tracks:

1. Dealing with Uncertainty: How to Build “Anti-fragile” Businesses in a Constantly Changing World
2. Effectiveness over Efficiency: Focus on Building the Right Thing Rather than Building Things Right
3. Empowering People: The Right Organizational Structure to Nurture and Foster “Smart Creatives”
4. Amplify Learning: How Do We Create the Right Experiments to Get the Right Learning Experience in Order to Reach the Next Level of Maturity — as a Product, as a Team, as a Corporation?

I will give a talk at the gathering titled "Dealing with Uncertainty: From Agile to Antifragile".

The purpose of my talk will be:

- Gain a better understanding of what uncertainty is
- Understand Black Swan theory
- Understand what antifragile means
- Gain insight into some strategies that can be applied to deal with uncertainty

I am really looking forward to the event. Many smart and experienced people, cool conversations and new ideas will be guaranteed. When you want to meet up at the gathering and have one of those amazing German beers just contact me.

Update: you can view and download my slide deck below:

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