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Henrico Dolfing
Hi, my name is Henrico Dolfing, and I help C-level executives with interim management and recovering troubled technology projects.

You can read more about me and my background on my "About" page.

With my writing I try to help executives to be more effective and successful when it comes to delivering business value through projects.

Jobs to be done

To deliver value through projects there are a number of jobs that a CxO (like Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operations Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Technology Officer, Chief Information Officer, etc.) will need to be able to do well when leading organizations in a project economy. 

As a result, I’ve organised my site into 9 portals representing the most important jobs to be done to help you find the content that best suits your need. These are:

Sponsoring Projects

You’ll find these highlighted under the heading ‘I Need Help With …’ on the sidebar on this site.

Project failure case studies 

I try to learn as much as possible from other people’s mistakes. That is why I study project failures and write case studies on them. You will find this collection here.

Work with me

While the content on my website is all free, I do offer a number of commercial services.

> Interim Management

Companies I have worked with

PwC Zurich Insurance Swiss Life Swisscard Helsana Julius Bär Swisscomswisspartners

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