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Henrico Dolfing
Hi, my name is Henrico Dolfing, and I help C-level executives in the financial service industry with interim management and recovering troubled technology projects.

You can read more about me and my background on my "About" page.

My goal in writing

With my writing I try to help executives to be more effective and successful when it comes to delivering business value through projects.

I strongly believe every organization can dramatically improve its ROI on projects by implementing the following four things.

1) Effective Project Portfolio Management

2) Active Project Sponsorship

3) Clear Project Success Criteria

4) Project Management Capabilities

On the first three I have written books:

> The Art of Technology Project Portfolio Management

> The Art of Project Sponsorship

> The Project Success Model

Project failure case studies 

I try to learn as much as possible from other people’s mistakes. That is why I study project failures and write case studies on them. You will find this collection here.

My viewpoints in a nutshell 

I hate writing conclusions almost as much as I hate writing intros—because I’m all about getting to the point.

That is why all my articles just end with a summary of the key point(s) called “in a nutshell”.

Below you will find 7 of them that will give you a good view on how I think about delivering business value through project and portfolio management. Clicking the link will send you to the corresponding article.

Value creep is the number one killer of business value.

Project managers deliver projects; project sponsors deliver business value!

Projects should be short and fat.

Start slowly to run fast later.

> Faster is better.

> Killing projects is hard. You should do it anyway.

> Risk management is project management for adults.

Work with me

While the content on my website is all free, I do offer a number of commercial services.

> Interim Management

> Project Reviews

> Executive Coaching and Advisory

> Speaking

Companies I have worked with

PwC Zurich Insurance Swiss Life Swisscard Helsana Julius Bär Swisscomswisspartners

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