The Ultimate Project Review Checklist

The Ultimate Project Review Checklist

Keep Your Project In Check

A project gone astray can consume company resources quicker than you ever thought possible. Checking in and evaluating where a project is in its lifecycle can save your company time and money in the long run. Use these efficient checklists to evaluate where your project is in terms of budget, cost, delivery, quality, management, and communication. Effectively checking the progress of your project will allow it to move quickly to completion, using up only the necessary and allotted resources.

Strongly Focused, yet Easily Adaptable

Featuring a strong focus on software development, these checklists will swiftly guide you through an efficient evaluation process to determine if your project is on track or derailed. While these checklists are strongly focused, they also are easily adaptable to any type of project. Whether you’re working on a typical agile project or you are in the middle of a waterfall project, these checklists can be easily adapted to suit the needs of your project and your management team. Easy to understand and use, you will be able to evaluate and tweak your project so that it is running smoothly.

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