July 26, 2015

Aletsch Half Marathon, Switzerland, 2015

This top mountain run along the longest glacier in the Alps – the Aletsch Glacier – has been staged in Bettmeralp since 1986. The mountain run – also called the glacier run – has continuously progressed ever since. In the past, a distance of 17.5 km was covered en route to the Bettmerhorn at 2,650 metres above sea level. In 2000, after careful preparation, the distance and route were adapted to the runners’ demands. Since then the glacier run has been known as the Aletsch Half-Marathon.

As the name indicates, runners have to master a distance of exactly 21.1 km with an altitude difference of around 1,050 metres – and the race starts from 1,950 meters above sea level. The route takes runners along the line of the first UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site in the Alps, the 23-kilometre-long Aletsch Glacier.

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The people who participated in this marathon sure have some stamina. 2.1 kilometers and that too at this altitude and terrain. Inspiring to say the least.