September 4, 2012

Monte Rosa, Italy, 2012

Last week I went on a three day tour to the Monte Rosa massif in Italy. I met up with Andrej and our guide Ivan in Brig and together we drove 4 hours to Alagna, Italy were we took the cable car up to Punta Indren. From there we hiked an hour up to the Montova hut.

Monte Rosa is the highest mountain in Switzerland and the second-highest in the Alps. The main summit, known as the Dufourspitze (4,634 m), is the culminating point of the Pennine Alps. Although its main peak is located within Switzerland in the southeastern part of the canton of Valais, the Monte Rosa Massif is the second-highest massif in Italy.

Day 3, we descent from the Montova hut back to the cable cars during the still continuing snowstorm. 

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