July 7, 2009

My First Sky Dive

Sky Diving

I really like to dive under water, but last Sunday it was time for a rather different diving experience. It was time to fulfill a long time dream and do my first dive in the sky.

Me and a good friend went to Leutkirch (Germany) where Sky Dive Nuggets is located at the local airport. They offer tandem jumps from april to october on a daily basis, as well as AFF courses every week.

While the aircraft was climbing up to 4000 meters altitude in about 10 minutes, we were able to enjoy a great view over the alps and Lake Constance. Once our jump altitude was reached adrenaline was rushing through my veins. My tandem master, Steve, got us out with a foreward role, and then somehow managed to do a backward as well. An awesome experience! My free-fall with aprox. 200km/h velocity lasted for almost one minute.

At 1500 meters altitude Steve deployed the chute and the rather relaxing part of the jump began. During my flight I was able to enjoy another great view over the Allgäu. You can see the video of my first sky dive below.

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